Pruning Mistakes to Avoid

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If you’re a homeowner and you’ve got a tree on your property, chances are you want it to look perfect and beautiful. One way to do this is to maintain your tree. You can always hire a professional tree service company for help.  

We’re all aware that saving money is a must nowadays. Perhaps you are planning to do a DIY project for your tree or you’re hiring a friend just to save some cash. However, that is not ideal. You might end up compromising the health of your tree if you don’t hire tree service Myrtle Beach SC. This is particularly true if you do these common pruning mistakes.  

Improper Pruning 

Hiring a person that isn’t a professional can cost the health of your tree. You might end up getting rid of your tree. Of course, you do not want that to happen right? If that’s the case, then you should hire a professional tree service company. These professionals do the right cuts that will help maintain your tree’s health for good. For those who don’t know, there’s a possibility that you are also getting rid of the branch’s callous if you cut if too close to the trunk. The callous contains vital cells that help the proper healing of the wound. If you do this, your tree will have an open area for infection to come inside the tree. 

Pruning at the Wrong Time 

Nature is great and it offers the right time frames for almost everything. When it comes to trees, nature has set up particular time frames where doing pruning or trimming is advantageous for the total health of the tree. But, if you don’t follow the signs nature provides then you may be exposing the tree to diseases. 

For instance, you might want to have your trees trimmed during winter if you’ve got any type of oak tree. The reason for this is that the fluids inside the tree aren’t moving through the tree. Contact a professional tree service company if you want to make sure you obtain the ideal timing for any procedures that you need for your tree.  


It’s an extremely popular mistake since people regularly plant trees that are too big or simply do not fit well in their property. Getting rid of a huge part of the tree’s crown will stop the tree’s growth and makes it appear ugly.  

Proper Care and Trimming 

Trimming trees is actually crucial to promote the growth of healthy new branches. You can do this by getting rid of branch stubs and old branches that stops the development of the tree.  

Another reason why we’ve got to be extremely diligent with the tree is safety. Leaving dead branches can be an actual threat since snow, rain, or wind can make them fall and harm people around your tree.  

Improper trimming is one common mistake that can result in damaging the look of your tree. It can also lead to potential decay. If this is the case, your tree might eventually die.  

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